You also use the Teknofit brake fitting components with your production and connect to the life firmly...

Teknofit has offered an innovation which will break a fresh ground to the sector on the brake fitting components with their history dates back to long years and their experiences on automotive spare parts and break equipment. They certificated this innovation they offered to the sector with the Utility Model Certificate they received from the Turkish Patent Office in 2003.

At the end of the R & D activities carried out for long years, Teknofit offers major convenience for the systems of the heavy commercial vehicles and trailer brake systems with the brake fitting components which shorten the laboring time and when compared with the product life, are much more durable. The workmanship and material related defects are minimized with the components manufactured in one piece.

Acting with the principle, Manufacturing brake equipments require responsibility”, Teknofit takes actions with a quality control policy much above standards at the production processes from purchasing raw material and up to packing stages. The objective is the perfect product and unconditional customer satisfaction.